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Dr. Kang believes that an optimal balance and harmony can be achieved in patients of all ages, gender, and ethnic backgrounds. The key to success then is, Dr. Kang’s keen sense of what natural beauty is and how he is able to create these favorable changes with finesse and artistic sense, using an “alchemy” of surgical and non-surgical procedures, which is individualized for the patient.

Knowing the anatomy and having engrained the varying textures of the tissues of the face and neck so well in his hands, has been of immeasurable benefit to Dr. Kang in the era of rejuvenation procedures through the “needle’ injections of Botox and various dermal filler agents such as Fat, Juvederm, Restylane, and Radiesse; as well as surgeries using minimal incision techniques or endoscopic techniques where knowing the anatomy, hidden under the skin, has become even more of a paramount importance.

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Facial Plastic Surgery is all about looking and feeling good about you and yourself.

John Kang MD

Featured Procedures

Cool Sculpting

It’s an innovative way to contour your body by freezing unwanted fat away with no surgery and little to no downtime.

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Safely heats all the layers of your skin, resulting in tightening existing collagen and stimulating new collagen growth.

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The Instalift Thread as FDA approved lifting “device” rather than as a mere implantable thread like so many non-approved threads out there.

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Our Gold Standard of Care


For nearly two decades, the team at Dr. John Kang’s Facial Plastic Clinic has strived to provide the most comprehensive care to our patients. We offer highest standard Joint Commission-accredited surgical facility. We firmly believe that this is the cornerstone to optimal and successful outcomes for our patients seeking cosmetic improvement.

This comprehensive care begins from the moment Dr. Kang starts the dialogue with the patient during consultation at which time his artistic and natural approach to beauty and rejuvenation will be realized. The chosen surgical or non-surgical plan will be then performed meticulously where every detail of the procedure will be methodically planned out and performed with exacting precision. This high standard of care is followed through to the completion of the follow-up
period when the patient, Dr.Kang and his staff are all fully satisfied with the outcome.

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  • "As s guy, i was concerned about natural look. I went to Dr. Kang on my friends advice snd first got injection done. I liked it for natural outcome and 3 weeks ago got nose surgery. It came out even better than the filler nose job. Everyone thinks I lost 10 pounds because my round face got thinner.. I am very happy with the outcome thanks to Dr. Kang and his staff. Definitely highly recommended."
  • "My sister and I have seen Dr. Kang for Botox initially. He gave us an excellent suggestion with thermo and filler in order to have the best result. He is knowledgable, honest and pleasure to talk. His staff are helpful and friendly, always smile and made us feel welcome. The office is clean and comfortable. He is a great doctor and I highly recommend to my friends."
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  • "I would definitely choose Dr. Kang whatsoever. I’m a kind of person who is very picky and skeptical about every little details but when I had my initial consultation with Dr. Kang, Dr. Kang fully explained and answered all my questions in depth that I was so amazed. I’m really satisfied with the result and I highly recommend to my friends and to others."
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