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PRP injection

Platelet Rich Plasma Treatment. The greatest advantage of this therapy is the fact that the Platelet Rich Plasma is entirely of your own so there is little to no risk of side effects and treatment is safe for all skin types.

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We have the largest selection of the latest Beauty Lasers in NYC, LongIsland.

Picosure, Icon MaxG, Fraxel…

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Acne Treatment

I. First category is treating patients experiencing active acne breakouts.
II. Second category is treating patients with less acne breakouts but suffering from persistent discoloration and acne scars.

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Meet Dr. Kang

Dr. Kang believes that an optimal balance and harmony can be achieved in patients of all ages, gender, and ethnic backgrounds. The key to success then is, Dr. Kang’s keen sense of what natural beauty is and how he is able to create these favorable changes with finesse and artistic sense, using an “alchemy” of surgical and non-surgical procedures, which is individualized for the patient.

Knowing the anatomy and having engrained the varying textures of the tissues of the face and neck so well in his hands, has been of immeasurable benefit to Dr. Kang in the era of rejuvenation procedures through the “needle’ injections of Botox and various dermal filler agents such as Fat, Juvederm, Restylane, and Radiesse; as well as surgeries using minimal incision techniques or endoscopic techniques where knowing the anatomy, hidden under the skin, has become even more of a paramount importance.

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Facial Plastic Surgery is all about looking and feeling good about you and yourself.

John Kang MD

Patient Interview

Our Gold Standard of Care


For nearly two decades, the team at Dr. John Kang’s Facial Plastic Clinic has strived to provide the most comprehensive care to our patients. We offer highest standard Joint Commission-accredited surgical facility. We firmly believe that this is the cornerstone to optimal and successful outcomes for our patients seeking cosmetic improvement.

This comprehensive care begins from the moment Dr. Kang starts the dialogue with the patient during consultation at which time his artistic and natural approach to beauty and rejuvenation will be realized. The chosen surgical or non-surgical plan will be then performed meticulously where every detail of the procedure will be methodically planned out and performed with exacting precision. This high standard of care is followed through to the completion of the follow-up
period when the patient, Dr.Kang and his staff are all fully satisfied with the outcome.

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    Review from our Patients

    • "As s guy, i was concerned about natural look. I went to Dr. Kang on my friends advice snd first got injection done. I liked it for natural outcome and 3 weeks ago got nose surgery. It came out even better than the filler nose job. Everyone thinks I lost 10 pounds because my round face got thinner.. I am very happy with the outcome thanks to Dr. Kang and his staff. Definitely highly recommended."
    • "My sister and I have seen Dr. Kang for Botox initially. He gave us an excellent suggestion with thermo and filler in order to have the best result. He is knowledgable, honest and pleasure to talk. His staff are helpful and friendly, always smile and made us feel welcome. The office is clean and comfortable. He is a great doctor and I highly recommend to my friends."
      Online Review
    • "I would definitely choose Dr. Kang whatsoever. I’m a kind of person who is very picky and skeptical about every little details but when I had my initial consultation with Dr. Kang, Dr. Kang fully explained and answered all my questions in depth that I was so amazed. I’m really satisfied with the result and I highly recommend to my friends and to others."
      Online Review
    • Found Dr Kang through researching on the web after a year or so contemplating double eyelid surgery. This is his speciality, so I felt very comfortable throughout the whole process. It's been almost a month now and they look amazing. Very natural results. He's conservative with what he does to make sure you're not asking for something you'll regret later. His staff is also very diligent about follow up care. A few days into healing, I developed an allergy/irritation to the antibiotic ointment. They calmed me down and immediately took care of things. Overall wonderful experience! ~ from Google Review
      Michelle Liang
    • I am 25 years old and I was referred by a friend of mine. My friend had her lower eyelid done with Dr. Kang. The results were very impressive and she told me how skilled he was so I decided to get the surgery done with Dr. Kang. I’ve been told by so many people that I look tired and my first impression was cold. After the surgery people tell me I look brighter and younger. I love the results and I thank Dr. Kang for his great work.
      Na Li (Google Review)
    • I came with my friend who’s been a patient of Dr. Kang’s for couple of years now. I decided to get noninvasive thread lift because my age caught up to me. Dr. Kang immediately knew I dis not want a major surgery and he recommended I get a threadlift and I love it! Such great results and I really think it was because of Dr. Kang’s talented skills and eyes that gave me the results. And his team! Such great people, they took such good care of me and my friend. I look forward to each follow ups. I definitely recommend!
      Janet Kim (Google Review)
    • Being in the fashion industry it's important to look the part. I've had experience with fillers before but I must say Dr. John Kang is the best! I had lip injections done before but they came out like duck lips making me never want to get them done again. I initially came in to see if I can get filler for my chin and Dr. Kang suggested my lips & nose bridge as well. I'm glad he made those suggestions because his keen eye really made my face look more balanced. And he did a great job of making my lips look slightly bigger while still keeping it natural. Not only is his work great, but he's also very personable and makes you feel comfortable during the whole process.
      Sam Smith ★★★★★ Google
    • I first visited Dr Kang on the recommendation of a friend who had been seeing him for years and had only great things to say. Everything about my experience was wonderful as well. He has a fantastic eye and his suggestions for me were spot on. I started with Botox but over future visits progressed to some light fillers as I was going to be attending some important events. Everything he’s done has been subtle enough that no one notices anything different yet I’ve been getting so many compliments on how good I look. I also appreciate that his staff follows up with me after every visit. I highly recommend Dr Kang!
      Jennifer Woods ( ★★★★★ Google )
    • After being very hesitant on getting asian blepharoplasty and doing tons of research on finding the right surgeon, I decided to come to Dr. Kang. I just got a asian double eye lid procedure done in the beginning of January and now the results look as natural as ever along with minimal scarring. The staff and Dr. Kang himself made my healing process very smooth and reassuring. Definitely recommend if you're looking for natural results!
      charlene chen (★★★★★ Google)
    • I’m 20 years old. I had the double eyelid a year ago with Dr. Kang. I loved how it came out. This year I decided to have an open rhinoplasty with Dr. Kang again. He narrowed my nose tip and also improved the hump on my nose. He is a true artist. I’m very happy with my new look. I will recommend Dr. Kang to my family and friends!
      宋贞贞儿 Google reviewer
    • This is a review of my one month post masseter reduction Botox and non-surgical rhinoplasty procedure with Dr. Kang. I walked into Dr. Kang's office wanting to enhance parts of my facial features that I always felt fell flat and I am happy with the results. Dr. Kang was skilled and able to enhance my features with non-invasive procedures that complemented my face. The office staffs were welcoming and the convenience of the office location was a plus. Overall I am happy with the full experience.
      Sharon Park ★★★★★ Google
    • I’m 24 years old, and had 3 rounds of PicoSure laser treatment done by Dr. Kang. It has literally changed my life and appearance so much! I had intense scarring from my uncontrollable acne from my teenage years. When Dr. Kang saw me (makeup free) he immediately recommended this treatment plan and I am so happy with the results. My skin is now radiant, and my scars have completely disappeared. I highly recommend Dr. Kang for any cosmetic laser treatments!!
      Michelle Izaguirre
    • Dr.Kang did great lower eyelid surgery for my wife. After that, she also got the picosure laser done. That made her skin more brighter and glowing, so I wanna try that. The picosure laser machine is amazing, it helped me get rid of the spot that I have for 40 years. That’s incredible. By the way, Dr.Kang is professional and really nice.
      Yong Li - Google ★★★★★
    • I had a non surgical nose lift done today by Dr. Kang vía filler injectable. The procedure was comfortable and I absolutely love the result, he created a natural nose bridge for me and made my face look slimmer, more defined overall. I would only trust Dr. Kang because he’s an experienced ENT and facial plastic surgeon. I highly recommend this procedure with Dr. Kang for anybody who’s interested in a more straight nose and a prettier, proportional profile.
      Jenna Liu - Google ★★★★★