Facial & Neck Liposuction

Facial & Neck Liposuction

For facial and neck liposuction, our expert surgeon, Dr. John Kang will sculpt natural contours, eliminating excess fat for a sleek profile.

Generally speaking, liposuction of the neck is reserved for patients younger than 40 to 45 years of age since the skin elasticity diminishes afterwards and the tissue may not tighten back by itself. The principle of the lipo-suction involves evenly removing the excess fat in the subcutaneous space between the skin and the underlying Platysma muscle under the chin and jowl area, and also covers the entire neck area from ear to ear.

Just as important is the tunneling made by the liposuction cannula, which creates a controlled adherence between the skin and the underlying muscle, allowing an even greater tightening effect on the skin. The liposuction is performed through a small incision made in the natural crease under the chin which usually heals imperceptively.

In certain patients with significant “fat pad” under the chin, the incision needs to be slightly widened for direct excision of the fat pad “deep” to the Platyma muscle, in addition to the standard lipo-suctioning of the subcutaneous fat “superficial” to the Platsyma muscle.

Prior to surgery, Dr. Kang will carefully examine the patient, and recommend a chin implant if a small chin is present, which will yield a greater enhancement by providing greater lengthening and sharper delineation between the chin and neck. Wearing a snug neck band for a week following the surgery is important to assure good adherence between the skin and the underlying muscle.