Fraxel Re:Store dual 1550/1927

Fraxel Re:Store dual 1550/1927

Fraxel is the first laser to incorporate the “smart laser” technology which is the fractionated laser system.

How it works?

This fractionated system produces thousands of tiny heat columns called micro-thermal zones (MTZ) deep into the dermis, separated by areas of untreated skin. This process leaves zones of healthy normal skin unaffected by the treatment that helps to rapidly heal the skin. In doing so, Fraxel is able to treat deep into the dermis where most textural problems and difficult pigment issues reside. The energy of the laser tightens the existing collagen and stimulates the body’s natural healing process to lay down new collagen. At the same time, it allows for shedding of pigmentary issues and dullness to the skin, usually in the form of very fine crusts between the third and fifth day, resulting in more clear and brighter looking skin.

Usually after a series of 3 to 4 sessions, Fraxel can achieve results similar to the more traditional single session “ablative” resurfacing laser; however without the side-effects of intense and prolonged downtime and as result, much less chance of post inflammatory pigmentation.

Frequently Asked Questions


1. Overall improvement of texture, pore and tone
2. Fine lines and wrinkles
3. Pigmented lesions
4. Melasma
5. Acne scars
6. Surgical scars

Back of hands
Any areas with scars

Usually to 3 to 6 treatments spaced 3 to 4 weeks apart. Some patients will benefit with maintenance treatment every 6 month.

Usually 24 to 48 hours of redness and swelling, which becomes usually shorter with each additional therapy even with incremental power increases. A sound preparation of the skin before, during, and after each laser session is essential to optimize the recovery process. We usually recommend patient reserve 2 days of rest following the first session. With each successive sessions, patients usually return to work the following day.


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