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Cynosure Palomar 1064nm Laser

Palomar’s 1064nm laser treatment for leg veins offers less invasive option to the traditional sclerotherapy. Palomar 1064nm also provides safest hair reduction for patients of medium to dark complexion by minimizing the chance of post inflammatory hyper-pigmentation.

How it works?

The laser directs energy into the blood and the vessel walls and is absorbed by the hemoglobin that is present. The heat causes the vessel to constrict, basically shutting it down. In a matter of weeks, vein will either be noticeably shrunken down or eliminated all together. Since the laser beam passes through the epidermis, the outer skin remains unaffected. It usually takes less than 30 minutes, with minimal discomfort, and no down time.

For those interested in hair reduction with medium to darker skin, Palomar 1064 bypasses the dense melanin pigments in outer skin of darker patients and zero in on the deep melanin on the hair follicles. By penetrating at this deeper level without targeting the pigment in the outer skin, chance of post inflammatory pigmentation is minimized, making Palomar 1064 one of the safest laser for hair reduction in patients with medium to darker skin.

For both vessel treatment and hair reduction, Palomar provides very efficient “contact cooling” for patient comfort and to minimize any unwanted thermal injuries to the outer skin. The efficient cooling along with one of the highest power available in the industry make it safe and very effective for wide range of vessel size including spider veins (less than 1mm) as well as deeper reticular veins up to 3mm.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Spider veins (usually of the legs)
2. Reticular veins (usually of the legs)
3. Hairs (1064 is the safest wavelength for medium to darker skin)

Mostly leg (for veins)
Any hair bearing skin (for hair reduction)

Usually 2 to 4 treatments (for leg veins), spaced 4 to 6 weeks apart.
Usually 4 to 6 treatments (for hair reduction), spaced 4 weeks apart.

Most patients experience mild redness and swelling for a few hours which resolves, basically making it a no down-time procedure.

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