PRP injection/skin rejuventation

PRP injection / skin rejuventation

Volume enhancement using dermal filler is a great option for replacing loss of volume and hollowing that occurs in the face, particularly in the mid-face and lower eyelid area, and along the jawline. The best candidates are patients who experience deflation of their facial volume more quickly than any other aging process. In matter of minutes, the deflated zones can be easily volume restored to return to a more youthful facial shape. The tear trough deformity represents hollowing or separation of the lower eyelid/cheek junction due to downward migration of the mid-face soft tissue; and, finesseful volume enhancement in this area, will not only restore the lost volume, but also provide illusion that the mid-face has been “lifted” to a more youthful level. At the time of consultation, Dr. Kang will carefully analyze your face and recommend the best locations for volume enhancement. Dr. Kang will recommend using either Radiesse or Juvederm or sometimes, combination of both to achieve the most natural improvement with the longest lasting effect.